My italian restaurant in Bangkok

Francesco Lenzi shares his concept and portrays to ‘family’ restaurant – The Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen, best italian restaurant Bangkok.

Long time ago italian chef Francesco started as a hobby, enjoyed creating new recipes then soon realized there is much more that he can offer to his customers.

“It is my responsibility to care for their health. We are the ones who put the food into their mouths.”

With this caring mind, he ventures and seeks finest and the best possible ingredients both local and abroad.

Hams at Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen can only be found here for all over Asia. Importing ham directly from Tuscan made a specialty order, which its taste is still the same as his grandfather once tasted in 1945.

Although Francesco described Tuscan food as simple, but having simplicity while maintaining upscale feeling is challenging. In Lenzi, all senses are essential for fine dining.

An open kitchen section with the whole view of preparation of your dish, a traditional wooden stove and a modern one, they are all combined to unlock the experience of never seen anywhere else before.

“An open kitchen is a moving portrait that filled with life. So, it’s not what you see, but its what you feel.”

Francesco is actually bringing kitchen in Tuscan with the elegant setup he has here. Among many creative minds, he has imagination on food, which leads to his own style of Tuscan food. Every dish he makes, he always shares with his family and friends.

“To me, team is family. And family means everything to me. It is the concept of Lenzi.”