Our Steak | Bangkok

Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen is also known for its fine selection of steak, positioning ourselves as one of the best steakhouses in Bangkok. Our fine dining masters at this best Italian restaurant in Bangkok will offer you some of the most sensational steak dishes you can find in Bangkok.

If you are into beef, then try our Black Angus Beef T-Bone Steak Served with Roasted Potatoes, or our Beef Tartar with Balsamic Pearls and Soft Southern Italian Buffalo Cheese, or treat yourself to our Pan-seared Angus Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle from Saint Miniato in Tuscany.

For pork lovers, you can enjoy our fine selection of Heat-cured Pork Sausage with Cubes of Pork Fat and Truffle, or our authentic Italian Pork Loin from Lenzi’s Farm.

We also serve lamb steak at Lenzi. Treat yourselves to our sensational Pan-seared Australian Lamb Loin, or our Australian Lamb Rack with Roasted Potatoes and Truffle Mustard.

Our fine crafted dishes will not disappoint you. With the taste of authentic Tuscan Cuisine, Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the best places for fine dining in Bangkok.